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… I encourage everyone to purchase a Timeline. Study it and participate in a mental revolution of self discovery which will transform the world…”

Anthony T. Browder

Best selling author of several modern classics on world history including:
‘Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization’
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Welcome to the Timeline, Paul Obinna’s history project more than 20 years in the making! This project was created as a clear, simple and flexible way to unravel highly complex issues about history – especially the deep-rooted psychological issues which are always raised.

In the time-honoured custom of a single scroll (backed up by the new DVD series), Timeline gives a refreshingly clear overview of the vast influences of African cultures and how they relate to the current European world history model – a true aid for the world citizen!

Continue reading and see how Timeline:

– De-constructs myths and false historical reports
– Reveals huge gaps in traditional school learning
– Reverses stunted mental conditioning
– Promotes accelerated ‘whole brain’ learning
– Promotes personal & professional development
– Engages debate & self-discovery
– Promotes respect for all cultures & their civil and human rights
– De-constructs negative stereotypes
– Confirms world-class scientific research
– Uncovers historical gems & trivia
– Can be used by all ages, races & backgrounds
– Can be used in schools, homes, offices, community centres, halls…
And more…

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… Timeline is a must for every family in the UK, regardless of creed, class or colour! It clearly shows history from global experience giving credit to every creed and class the world over…”
Read more testimonials below

Reveals huge gaps in the modern school system
Timeline goes far beyond the re-hashed curricula of dates, facts & figures taught in traditional school environments around the world.

These environments can often become stale & repetitive for students & teachers – this has the effect of stunting the powers of the imagination and more importantly, wrecking the in-born motivation to want to learn.

Traditional schooling encourages parrot-style learning: learn this date and that date so you can pass an exam – an exam upon which you will be forever judged in terms of self-esteem, employability & social status.

Also, many of the topics are not actually taught in any type of sequential order. We have actually seen Henry VIII taught in autumn, World War 2 taught in spring, followed by Napoleonic Wars in summer. This is an extreme example, but this lack of historical cohesion confuses even the most intelligent people. One scroll solves a lot of problems…

Timeline also strips away the need for 100s of outstanding but often dense & long-winded books written by highbrow doctors and professors.

Promotes accelerated ‘whole brain’ learning
Thinking is the highest ideal of mankind and the brain is the primary organ associated with thought. But when were you taught about how to use it?

Our brains have 2 halves, each with their own roles and functions in the learning process. When we were children, we learned faster and more completely than at any time in life because we used both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. This allowed for faster comprehension & vastly improve retention.

If one hemisphere is used more than the other (as in modern schooling), learning can become stagnant and stunted. When both are used in harmony, learning becomes an organic process, where the connections and links are strengthened much more quickly.

With practice, results are remarkable! There is a diagram at the very start of the scroll which explains the brain functions in detail.

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… I think the Timeline is phenomenal and I am happy for you to quote me on that. When I first saw this demonstrated I realised its amazing potential as an outstanding teaching tool…”
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De-constructs myths and false historical reports
Timeline features verified facts that dispel common historical myths, such as:

– Freemasonry is not a secret society, but a society with secrets. One of the biggest secrets is that it takes a lot of its symbolism and philosophy directly from non-Europeans…

– The common world maps are no more than optical illusions – it’s impossible to flatten a 3D sphere into 2D without losing perspective. But these maps are loaded with subliminal psychological suggestions – Timeline points to a new solution…

– Ancient Greek & Roman scholars, such as Herodotus, Socrates, Pythagoras and Homer, were not the sole originators of modern civilisation. In fact, they often based their wisdom on older African writings and regularly paid homage to them in their works. The theory of Hellinism was falsely espoused as the origin of the world politics by a racist and supremacist minority centuries later…

– It is impossible for Christopher Columbus to have been the first non-indigenous person to reach America. Timeline delivers ample proof that previous expeditions contributed greatly to several empires on that continent…

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Promotes personal & professional development

Timeline will naturally move you towards a mental state of self-awareness & self-discovery. In this state, you will first begin to become more sensitive to the subtle aspects of the big issues we face as modern citizens. After all, what do the words ‘identity’, ‘race’ and culture mean to different people?

Timeline also delivers a startlingly communication model where you can interface with anybody at anytime more effectively than ever, depending on their colour, culture, class, character and context. If you can master this one, your personal and professional life will be transformed!

Promotes respect for all cultures & civil and human rights
Timeline was created to move everybody out of the mental ghetto of Transatlantic Slavery.

With your copy, you can start to de-construct the stereotypes of ‘black’ and ‘white’ peoples, their cultures & their histories which arose before, during & after the age of Transatlantic Slavery.

This period was filled with emotional, religious, political and commercial overtones which shaped the middle ages into the modern world.

The issues raised are as dangerous as bombs – they have raised many barriers towards success & harmony between citizens of the world, over many centuries. It’s high time these barriers came down…

Confirms world-class scientific research
As amazing as Western technology is, Timeline outlines the world’s greatest minds who have backed up an even longer legacy with undeniable scientific proof.

Countless archaeologists, architects, anthropologists, biochemists, biologists, entomologists, genealogists, geneticists, neurologists, physicists, psychiatrists and more have all acknowledged time and time again that in terms of history, Africa has, by far and away, the longest and richest legacy of all continents on Earth.

The continent that gave the world its first humans, languages, politicians, scientists, writers, architects also acts as the root of the great pillars of Western / European society: politics, philosophy, science, arts, architecture, Freemasonry, education, literature and more besides.

More trailers on YouTube | More about the author | Order scrolls and DVDs here

“… The Timeline is an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to consciously engage in the act of ”Sankofa“.http://www.hh-bb.com/timeline/

As it affords us the opportunity to glean from our long and glorious past, knowledge that will allow us today, to create a meaningful future for ourselves, and our descendants.

If the Past is Prologue, then we now have at our disposal the means to restore Ma’at and contain the forces of chaos which have governed the world for the past 2000 years.

This is truly a glorious time to be alive. I encourage everyone to purchase a Timeline. Study it and participate in a mental revolution of self discovery which will transform the world…”

Anthony T. Browder
Founder and director of the Institute of Karmic Guidance (Washington DC)

Anthony is also the author of several modern classics on African history and theology including the excellent ‘Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization’

“… This is by far THE best Timeline I’ve ever looked – so inclusive, so comprehensive and so detailed – nothing compares to it!

Timeline deals exceptionally well with the episodes that make up the African epic from earliest times up until the present day.

It’s versatility means that we can use it in history classes, in geography classes… in schools, at home, in offices… it’s good for adults, children & parents“

A fantastic piece – I’m looking forward to seeing much more from this project!…”
Professor James Small
World class scholar & distinguished lecturer on Pan African studies for over 40 years.

“.. Timeline is a must for every family in the UK, regardless of creed, class or colour!

It clearly shows history from global experience giving credit to every creed and class the world over.

Timeline is incredibly user friendly & works fantastically for interactive sessions no matter if I’m in schools, colleges or universities…”
Andrew Muhammad (aka The Investigator)

As one of the UKs leading Black historians & culture specialists, Andrew is reknowned for his lectures on Black History and film analysis where hidden symbols, languages and messages in film are unravelled.

“… I once described Brother Paul Obinna’s Timeline as one of the greatest contributions to the Afrikan struggles for mental liberation to ever come out of the UK.

I suggested this because his work is a visual masterpiece that is bolstered by intellectual rigour and the kind of scholastic vision required in a time when the best way to counter historical distortions is to present a counter argument that can stand on its own merit.

You see, it is one thing to know that something is wrong with the white washed history we are all subjected to and quite another to expose it in a fashion that makes it plain for all to see – without relying on cheap rhetoric or unsubstantiated historical claims.

I have often suggested that if you are presented with a description of yourself and you cannot recognise yourself in said description, then present your own.

This is what Paul does in this work and it is a must have for all members of the human family who care about our collective futures on this planet we call home…”
Dr. Lez Henry

From pioneering the UK dancehall scene as a deejay to becoming a visiting fellow at Goldsmith’s University to being a founder member of Nu Beyond Ltd and the National Independent Education Coalition (NIEC), Dr. Henry has been delivering empowerment, education & interventionist packages in schools, colleges and universities for several years.

“… I use the Timeline in my role as a personal development trainer and it never fails to a stimulate discussion about the power and nature of knowledge.

It’s more than just a great learning resource. It’s a vital piece of equipment to have in your trainer’s toolbox…”
Pascoe Sawyers
Author of MePLC: Your Life Is Your Business

MePLC promotes the philosophy of putting personal leadership first and identifies a set of personal characteristics that will need to be developed by anyone who wants to be a successful chief executive or chairman in the business of their own life. Foreword by Tim Campbell, 1st winner of the hit BBC TV show “The Apprentice” (UK) and founder of The Bright Ideas Trust

“… I think it (Timeline) is marvellous and often use it in schools or the black history walking tours I run…

For many its like mental blow with a baseball bat backed up with 6 ft of great images and details.

I recommend that teachers and parents buy it (Timeline) any time I run workshops or teacher training…”
Tony Warner
Tony runs unique guided tours of London which detail the strong influences of Black people & communities on the most famous institutions & architecture in London.

“… I think the Timeline is phenomenal and I am happy for you to quote me on that.

When I first saw this demonstrated I realised its amazing potential as an outstanding teaching tool.

My own Timeline is now well worn, having been consulted by my 18 year old twins and 10 year old son, various godchildren and within the teaching courses I run with overseas students at Regent’s American College in London, the award winning work with The Learning Trust in Hackney and for the Black Police Association leadership programme…”
Juliet Alexander

Beside the work mentioned above, Juliet has over 25 years of media and consultancy experience and now performs excellent work in various charity sectors as well as PR, communications, training & event management.

“.. I have seen the Timeline at Centreprise (bookstore in East London)…

Hearing about and reading about and seeing (Timeline) is different…Seeing is believing.

Let us create more opportunities for people to SEE this 10th Wonder of the world….
Garfield Robinson
Business Development Executive, GV Media

GV Media are the owners of the best selling & most recognised Black newspapers, magazines, websites & related brands in the UK & Carribean and beyond.
voice-online.co.uk | young-voices.co.uk | jamaica-gleaner.com

“.. Timeline is phenomenal! It’s exceptionally detailed and should be made available in all aspects of the modern educational system.

… Paul Obinna’s & Twilight Bey’s expertise has been extremely beneficial to a wide range of developments in the London Probation Service…”
Delphine Duff
Equality and Diversity Officer, London Probation Service

“… Well done. This kind of work is long overdue and our ‘children’ particularly need this to empower them….”
Myrna Loy
Publisher of Black Bright News magazine

Black Bright magazine is helping to raise young people to think for themselves by promoting self-awareness and ethical development; character education, financial literacy, world and black history. This magazine recently won the Black Business Initiative Award for Business Innovation (Culture & Heritage); The Mayor’s Citizenship Award (Community focus), and the African-Caribbean Achiever’s Award.

“… It’s HOT TO LIFE, SUN!!…”
M’Bwebe Aja Ishangi
CEO & Creator of Da Ghetto Tymz magazine & DGTv: Conscious Webvision

“… As a introductory resource, Timeline is amazing – it clearly visualises many of the topics I’m learning about in college.

Also, the references at the end are truly invaluable, especially those that refer to the modern period…”
Patrick Butterfield
Sociology (PhD) undergraduate, Goldsmith’s University, London

“… I have just purchased my Timeline and I am exceptionally impressed with what I have seen as is everybody who comes to my house. I remember seeing Twilight Bey when he came to Nottingham last year and it was the best lecture I have heard in years – these two together should be dynamite. Well done!…”
Maurice Williams

“… Timeline is truly one of the best innovations I’ve seen for a long time. I can see many people using this in the future as a great aid to studying history. I can’t wait to see the DVD!”
Conrad Francis

“… The Timeline is far superior and I totally under/overstand it through the acceptance of my African history of Kemet and all the other regions. Your Timeline will definitely help the confused and ignorant to see in their face the roots of all history…”
Preston Melesse

“A wonderful product. Thank you very much!”

“Vital truths we need to foster in ourselves and others…”
Gerry German

“Paul Obinna give a powerful presentation on Saturday at the Harrow Town Hall about the Timeline and the migration of Africans to populate the world. This Timelne potrays people of colour in a positive light and should be thought to all people. May you all continue with the great work that is being done!”
Leanard Phillip

“I remember your first edition of Timeline from your teachings at an after-school class for parents and teachers back in 2002. We were all blown away then and you’ve come a long way since! I’ll get my copy in due time and some for my kids!…”
Martha Horace-Ewell

“I have just purchased my Timeline and I am exceptionally impressed with what I have seen as is everybody who comes to my house.”
Maurice Williams

“Keep up the good work bro! The Timeline is a must for all!!”
Ray Sontan