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Anthony Browder

"... I encourage everyone to purchase a TIMELINE™. Study it and participate in a mental revolution of self discovery which will transform the world..."


Anthony T. Browder

Best selling author of several modern classics on world history including:

'Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization'

The TIMELINE™ mission

Greetings and welcome to the TIMELINE™ project, Paul Obinna's historical masterpiece more than 20 years in the making! This project was created as a clear, simple and flexible way to unravel highly complex issues regarding history - especially the deep-rooted psychological issues which are always raised.

In the time-honoured custom of a single scroll (backed up by the new DVD series), TIMELINE™ gives a refreshingly clear overview of the vast influences of African cultures and how they relate to the current European world history model - a true aid for the world citizen!

Continue on the tour and see how TIMELINE™:


  • De-constructs myths and false historical reports
  • Reveals huge gaps in traditional school learning
  • Reverses stunted mental conditioning
  • Promotes accelerated 'whole brain' learning
  • Promotes personal & professional development
  • Engages debate & self-discovery
  • Promotes respect for all cultures & their civil and human rights
  • De-constructs negative stereotypes
  • Confirms world-class scientific research
  • Uncovers historical gems & trivia
  • Can be used by all ages, races & backgrounds
  • Can be used in schools, homes, offices, community centres, halls...
  • And more...

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